The Right To Pray is a God given Right~
The Right To Pray is a National Right~
just as the right to-not-pray is a personal right~
The Right to Pray is afforded to all people, of all faiths, and religions in the USA

A Preacher preaches on prayer-
A Teacher teaches on prayer-
A believer stands firm on prayer-
The Power of Prayer~Dont let the world silence it

"An Invocation Prayer is an act of legal or moral implementation; it is a request for the spiritual presence and blessing of God in a ceremony, event, and meeting. Prayers must have content, and they must have direction.I refuse to allow CCSD or the FFRF to use me to remove Prayer from anywhere. I refuse to allow either entity to use my prayer, ministry, myself as a means to remove Invocation opportunities from other Clergy in the community. By your selfishly using me for this removal you have set the weight of a past estimated 300-1500 prayers plus all future prayers on my shoulders as a cross to carry."
Chaplain Victorya


CCSD will no longer pray at School board meetings after complaint January 2020.
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